The UTS City campus is located between Central Station and Railway Square, on the southern outskirts of Sydney's central business area. The UTS Tower, which faces Broadway, is the heart of the city's campus. There are five distinct precincts on campus. At the city campus, Broadway, Haymarket, and Blackfriar's are located, while Moore Park and Botany precincts integrate speciality facilities with surrounding industry organizations such as The Business School, UTS Startups, the UTS Animal Logic Academy, and two lecture theatres in the Powerhouse Museum are all located in Haymarket. The Blackfriar's Children's Centre and Research and Innovation teams are located in Chippendale, while the Moore Park precinct comprises sports facilities within the Rugby Australia Building and the Botany precinct houses the speciality research facility UTS Tech Lab. The UTS library is the greatest resource on campus with over 725,000 books, 93,000 periodicals, and other media. UTS offers 100+ Undergraduate programs and 200+ Postgraduate programs, a variety of diploma courses and graduate degree programs in Communication, Business, Information Technology, Design, Science, and Engineering. The University is home to more than 50 research institutes and canters. Research at UTS is primarily focused on health, data science, sustainability, future work, and industry. The Centre for Artificial Intelligence, the Centre for Autonomous Systems, the Centre for Health Technology, the Advanced Analytics Institute, and the Centre for Forensic Science are only a few of the main research centres.

History of The University Of Technology Sydney

Students who graduated from UTS join a worldwide network of creative and inventive individuals, ranging from game-changing industrial, government, and community leaders to Hollywood celebrities. There are more than 245,000 UTS graduates living and working all over the world. UTS offers graduates a variety of special privileges and possibilities such as career services to assist them in finding their ideal job, exclusive events and networking opportunities with like-minded alumni and professionals. Since 2003, the University has raised $28 million dollars worth of research funding. Distinguished engineers, business executives, architects, educators, authors, sports, media celebrities, actors, and politicians are among UTS's renowned graduates. Morris Lemma, the 40th Premier of New South Wales, Anh Do, an Australian comedian and actress who has acted in films such as "Thank God You're Here" and "Good News Week," Charlotte Best, a model and actress who appeared in the Australian television series 'Home and Away,' Sonia Kruger an Australian television broadcaster who co-hosts the 'Dancing with the Stars Program and Joel Labi, a veteran journalist who has worked for outlets such as 2GB, Reuters, and CNN are some of the celebrated alumni of UTS.

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