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Education System in The USA

Before advanced education, American students spent 12 years in elementary and secondary school. The first through twelfth grades are used to refer to these years.

Elementary and Secondary Education

Elementary School: Starts in Kindergarten and lasts 6-7 years, from Kindergarten to Grade 5 or 6.

Middle School: Lasts 2-3 years, beginning in Grade 6 or 7 and ending in Grade 8.

High School: Lasts 4 years, starting in Grade 9 and ending in Grade 12.

Post - Secondary Education

Students in the USA attend colleges and universities to seek further education after high school. International students will find the school system in the USA to be quite diverse. In the USA, there are around 4,500 approved higher educational institutions.

Degrees Offered in the USA

The US provides different qualifications to its students. They are divided into four categories

Associate Degrees

An associate degree is a bachelor's degree earned at the undergraduate level. It is offered by community colleges in the United States and is comparable to a diploma. It lasts for two years.

Master's Degree

With students focusing on one field of study, a master's degree takes 1-2 years to complete. Depending on the student's expertise, master's degrees might be thesis or research-based.

Bachelor's Degree

These four-year programmes give students education and training for most job opportunities. Students can begin working full-time in their chosen area immediately after graduation.

Doctorate Or PhD

PhD study in the United States is divided into three parts. The first is a course of study that takes 1-3 years to complete, followed by preliminary, comprehensive, or cumulative examinations. It takes 5 to 8 years to acquire a PhD degree.

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Top Courses to Study in the USA

Students looking for a suitable course to study in the USA are presented with a wide range of options. Here is a curated list of the best courses the USA is known for -

Business Management

Business Management is the most popular course for higher education in the United States, with almost 20% of all overseas students enrolling in American colleges choosing it. The United States has the world's largest economy, meaning overseas students who choose to stay in the country after graduation will have plenty of job prospects.


According to US News, the engineering industry in the United States is flourishing, with as many as 62% of all overseas graduates enrolling in US colleges taking engineering degrees. The breadth and depth of research opportunities and funding in engineering and STEM areas in the United States are simply unrivaled.

Mathematics and Computer Sciences

This category of disciplines is part of the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) subjects, which are becoming increasingly popular among overseas students due to the increased need for STEM graduates in the IT sector.

Social Sciences

Humanities and social sciences attract over 75,000 international students, making it one of the most popular courses in the country. Journalism, international relations, economics, and anthropology are all popular disciplines in this area.

Medicine and Health Sciences

Biology and medicine have always been popular fields of study in the United States. Medical education in the nation is regarded as one of the greatest in the world, and graduates have a very lucrative profession.
Other popular courses in the USA include - Liberal arts, Law, etc

Cost of Living and Studying in the USA

Yearly Fees for Studying in The USA

Community College - 6,000 USD - 20,000 USD
UG Degree - 20,000 USD - 60,000 USD
PG/Masters - 20,000 USD - 45,000 USD

Monthly Expenses of Staying in The USA

Rent - 400 USD - 700 USD
Transportation - 30 USD- 70 USD
Food - 250 USD
Study Material - 70 USD - 160 USD
Telephone and Internet - 30 USD
Misc. Expenses - 500 USD

Admission Process

The USA is one of the most popular studies abroad locations. The admissions procedure is straightforward. The following steps must be taken,en by students who wish to apply to study in the USA -

STEP 1 - Research

The first step is to do research and create a selection of courses and universities that will fit your needs. It is vital to do considerable study. You should choose at least 3-5 colleges where you want to further your education.

STEP 2 - Eligibility and Documents

It is always essential to make sure you fit the needs of the universities you shortlist when it comes to their eligibility criteria as well as their fees. Make sure you collect all your documents, including your Academic Transcripts.

STEP 3 - Give your Entrance Exams

To be qualified to study in the USA, you must pass a set of eligibility examinations, depending on your speciality.

STEP 4 - Start applications

Once you have all your documents together, it is time to start applying. Fill out the application form and attach all eligibility documents and certificates. Pay the application fee and submit your application

STEP 5 - Wait for your Offer Letter + Sort Your expenses.

Now all you have to do is wait for the university to respond. Organising all the finances you will require to study abroad is essential. If you need financial assistance, now is the time to search for the finest financing choices and scholarships.

Step 6 - Visa Application

Once you have received your offer letter, it is time to apply for a USA student Visa, and you're all set to go to your dream university!